The Secret of The Sharks

Often, we hear founders and CEOs talk about what makes them successful. Most answers consist of hardwork, constant learning, networking, mentorship and willpower.   We say that as if it is holding them back from achieving something.  I disagree.  I think  that chips can hold people back but I’ve also seen it be the leading cause _________ in business

A couple month back, I heard Robert Herjevic and Daymon John from Shark Tank, speak at an event I was attending.  They recounted their rise to success.  For both of them it wasn’t pretty beginning. Failures, being fired and bank troubles marked their early years of entrepreneurship.  What kept them going?  Their troubles would have had lesser men running with their tails between their legs. What kept driving them forward?

Short Answer: Pain.

Robert Herjevic’s family immigrated from Croatia to Canada.  His family struggled to make ends meat and he recounted hating to see his family's financial situation. He remembers vowing to himself that he would do whatever it took to change his family's situation. He credits not passion but pain to be one of the greatest motivators in his career. 

Robert went onto create BRAK Systems, a Canadian integrator of Internet security software.  A decade later he sold his company for $30 million. He is now CEO of the Herjavec Group which is one of Canada's fastest growing tech companies.

Daymond John also came from humble beginnings.  Raised by a single mother in the poorer parts of New York, life wasn’t easy for him.  He harnessed his anger and pain into motivation for building his business.  

Daymond went on to create the very popular FUBU brand.  His Net worth is over $300 million and he continues to build companies by investing in great people. 

Pain is unfortunate but it can be one of your greatest assets.  Many entrepreneurs point to sources of pain as their launchpad to their current positions.  

Pain is real and we all have to deal with it at some time in our life. Let's use it to our advantage to build great things, help us stay focused and if we can, benefit others. 

If you are curious more about their stories then check out their books: Power Of Broke: Daymond JohnDriven: How to Succeed in Business and in Life: Robert Herjevic.