Tools For People Who Suck At Writing (Like Me)

I openly admit that I am not a good writer.  For some reason, the basics of grammar and sentence structure never made into my little elementary school brain.  Against my will, I have been forced to write emails and advertising copy all of my adult professional life. At the beginning of my career, I remember being so nervous to send an email because I knew I was inclined to send typos or grammatical errors in my emails. Sweating was a byproduct of the anxiety towards  I was so worried that I would mess up. I did mess up, and it sucked. 
Over time, I gathered tools and applications that helped me not suck so much. I figured I am not the only one who isn't the next Shakespeare.  I've compiled this quick list to help those of us who need a little help.


This tool is a godsend.  I want to kiss the feet of the founders of Grammarly because they have changed my life.  It's easily the most powerful tool on this list.  
Grammarly is the bigger, faster and stronger version of spellcheck.  It works in several capacities, but my favorite is the integration with Google Chrome.  It allows for everything written (social media, blogging, email, etc.) to be spellchecked real time.  It doesn't just spell check; it is a full-service writing-enhancement platform.  I almost put everything everything in Grammarly before I publish it or hit send. Go get Grammarly now...

Hemingway App

This app helps you cut out all the unneeded words.  It encourages you to write like Ernest Hemingway which is good because he knew a thing or two about writing.  Like Grammarly, it is a vocabulary-enhancement application but instead of focusing on grammar it helps users to simplify their writing. 

I have no idea when I am using adverbs excessively, but the Hemingway App does.  I find that this tool can help you simplify your communication on long emails, wordy blogs or even long form Ad copy.  This is a neat tool and it worth looking into. Check it out. 


Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Let's be honest, headlines matter.  It makes people click on your ad and open your emails. If like me, you get performance anxiety when needing to write a headline.  I overanalyze and then nothing happens.  Then I found Advanced Marketing Institutes tool, Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.  When you have a limit of 15 words, each words is very important.  This tools gives some great insight on your word choice and measure your Emotional Marketing Value (EMV).  This tool sends me back to thesaurus time and time again to see if I can find better words for my headlines.  I always try to shoot for 45% - 55% EMV score.  Use this tool to enhance your headlines.


Is your writing less than spectacular? Do you use an online tool to enhance your skills?  Shoot it over to me please. I'm very interested in continuing to work on my skills. 

Thanks for reading!