3 Things Nonprofits Need To Grow Donor Base

It's a tough life for a nonprofit. It is a constant balancing act between fighting to keep the current donor base engaged while continuously attempting to acquire new donor loyalty.  Here are a couple suggestions on how to make nonprofit life a little easier from the mind of a marketer.

1. Consider your Brand

The very best brands have unified their message, visual appearance, and voice.  If we examine some of the largest brands in the world such as Google, Nike, or Apple, we see that every consumer interaction has a similar look and feel. 

Cohesiveness is an essential piece of building a strong brand. Be attentive and consistent in your design.  Wherever you have donor touch points, make sure you are using the same style of design and color scheme.  Social media, website, email and print should all be unified in look and feel.

2. Use Content Marketing

Raising awareness for nonprofits can be drastically different than for-profits. In the realm of nonprofits, the goal is to strike a chord on the heartstrings of new potential donors while continuing to engage and value your current donor base. That is where content marketing comes in.

Quickly becoming the preferred marketing method for nonprofits and for-profits alike, content marketing is all about attracting, acquiring and engaging a specified target audience in order to produce profitable results.  With a plethora of reasons content marketing is the answer for engaging your current and potential donor base, it's worth looking into.

3. Be Social

It's no secret that many nonprofits are struggling to capture the attention of millennials. With direct mail being seen as a nuisance to younger generations, there is a great need to get creative. Nonprofits need to send their message to places where millennials "hang out" online.

Unless you were living under a rock, you remember the explosive success of the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge." Social Media has quickly become the leader of shareable content, and it's not going away anytime soon. Once your content strategy is in place, define your social strategy and how you are going to capture your audience via Facebook, Twitter, etc.


In the wide world of nonprofits, it's important to start thinking about how you will capture the millennials and the generations that come after them.  The once successful strategies for boomers aren't going to produce the same results with the younger generations.  It's time to look to technology and how it can help engage and create a thriving community of donors.