Ogilvy on Advertising... A Must Read for those in the Ad Industry

   This is a book that I put off far too long.  Its one of those classics that most Ad people have already read a thousand times.  I however  picked up the book a couple months ago and cannot stop myself from going back and soaking in the time tested words of David Ogilvy.

  If you're in the advertising industry,  do yourself a favor: read  Ogilvy on Advertising. It's well known that he had and still has a huge influence on the industry.  Although this book is older, its content is timeless.  This is not  a book that dives into the ever evolving digital age but it gets down and dirty with the fundamental goals of advertising.   In his book he lays out the foundations of advertising and how ad agencies function in the marketplace.  

   His "kick-ass go to market with a bang" approach comes across on every page:

"Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters, and rebels." - David Ogilvy

   As a young professional and someone who is just diving into advertising,  I cannot stress enough that this book is a must read for any advertising professional.  His insights stirred up a passion in me to continue to educate myself and be the best marketer I can be.   With his dry humor and his blunt attitude you get the feeling that he might just be one of the original Mad Men

Plus he has a pipe in his mouth in a ton of his pictures... and that is cool.  Read the book.

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