Just a guy helping businesses reach optimal growth through technology, performance driven marketing, and scalable business models.


Startups / Tech

High-tech is my passion, high-growth is my goal. It takes a strong entrepreneurial spirit to build a brand from scratch, and as any founder knows, you need the right hands on deck as you steer the ship in the right direction.


Marketing and growth efforts are an ever-changing landscape with endless potential, but it can be extremely overwhelming for businesses to keep up with the latest technology. I combine strategy, technology and process to engineer custom growth solutions.

Outdoor Brands

My greatest memories are usually tied to being outdoors in some capacity. I have a great affinity in helping outdoor brands achieve growth. If this is you, shoot me a message. 


About Me

I've spent my entire career cultivating digital solutions that help companies expand their influence, acquire customers, and generate growth.

In God we trust. All others must bring data.
— W. Edward Demings

Thoughts on Wild Places and Travel

I’ve been privileged enough to travel and visit some amazing wild places. Here are my musings, learnings, and experiences.